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Tues, 23rd Feb, 2016

New Night Fluo colour for the 2016 MT-07 Moto Cage

Equipped with a special accessories kit as standard, the radical-looking MT-07 Moto Cage is aimed at those riders who appreciate its unique 'bad-boy' style and thrilling Dark Side DNA image. For 2016 this extrovert member of the MT family will be available in the latest Night Fluo colour option, featuring fluo yellow wheels and engine side bars, as well as fluo highlights contrasting with the grey bodywork. 

MT-07 Moto Cage exclusive components: 
•    Frame mounted fluo yellow engine guards 
•    Tubular fluo yellow engine under guard 
•    Designer tandem seat - leather 
•    Lightweight fluo yellow knuckle guards 
•    Adjustable front light mask 
•    Fluo yellow radiator guards 
•    Black chassis components